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Vasco settings



A configured Vasco account. For more information on Vasco installation please consult




1. Select Vasco from the list of available 2-Factor Authentication types.


2-Factor Authentication - Vasco

2-Factor Authentication - Vasco


2. Configure your Vasco settings. An example is provided below.


Vasco soap Settings - Configuration Screen 

Vasco soap Settings - Configuration Screen 





Website of the server.

Component Type

The instance name created in Vasco.

Password Format

One-Time Password (OTP): One-time passwords can only be used once, during a very short time e.g. 10 seconds. They offer superior security to static passwords which are more vulnerable to unauthorized use because they remain the same.

Static Password: Most conventional method of password authentication. It is also the least secure method of preserving your password. Your password essentially remains the same from the moment it is created, until it is changed or updated for that specific account.