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Scheduling Reports


The Scheduling Reports will generate a report and send it by email to any selected user accounts. It could be an on demand report or a recurrent report based on a schedule (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly).

Only the Expired Entry List can be generated from the Scheduling Reports feature.


Reports - Scheduling Reports

Reports - Scheduling Reports

To create a new Scheduling Report, click on the Add button.

Scheduling Report creation

Scheduling Report creation

General options



Report type

Select the report type that will be generated. Only the Expired Entry List can be generated.


Select all user accounts that will receive the report.


Set the title of the report.


Set the date and time when the report will be created.

Filter options



Include expired

Select this option to get all entries that are already expired in the report.

Include manually flagged expired

Select this option to get all entries that have been manually set to expire in the report.

Expiring in ... days

Set this option to get all entries that will expire in X days in the report.

Recurrence options



Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Set the recurrence for this report.

Every ...

Set the the number for the recurrence.

End by

Set this option and the date to stop the report at a specific moment.

End after ... occurrences

Set this option to run this report a specific number of times.

No end date

Set this option to get the report running indefinitely.