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One-Time Password (OTP)




This entry is used to define and configure a One Time Password credential entry.




The One Time Password credential type is used as a second authentication factor that allows a user to secure their account with a generated verification code that changes over time.


Credentials - One-Time Password

Credentials - One-Time Password





Enter the secret key given by the website or the application.

Time step

Enter the amount of time for which the generated verification code is valid.

Code size



Select the amount of digits the generated verification code contains. Select between:

6 Digits

8 Digits

Hash algorithm

Select the secure hash algorithm used to generate the verification code. Select between:





Enabling Multifactor Authentication


To use the multifactor authentication, this feature must be enabled from the user's account of a service or website that supports multifactor authentication. Usually, you can find the multifactor authentication settings in the user account security preferences. The name of the feature should be similar to two-factor authentication, two-step verification or multifactor authentication.



When enabling multifactor authentication, a list of recovery codes might be generated by the website or application. Carefully store these in a safe place, these recovery codes will be useful if the user happens to lose the One Time Password entry.