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Secure Devolutions Password Server



As mentioned in the overview, installing this extension in a Terminal Services environment can introduce security risks. In this environment, each user must have a distinct and secret port assigned, as well as an application passcode to prevent any other Devolutions Web Login from listening on that port.



The application passcode is displayed in clear text, but must be kept secret by the user.


To enable this security layer, follow these steps:


1.In Remote Desktop Manager, navigate to File - Options - Browser Extensions.


2.In the browser extensions options:

uncheck Use default port,

enter a custom port

enter a passcode in Application key


Remote Desktop Manager - Browser Extensions Options

Remote Desktop Manager - Browser Extensions Options


3.In the web browser, click the Devolutions Web Login icon DWL_Icon_Text, and select the Remote Desktop Manager Options.

Uncheck Use default port.

Enter a custom port.

Enter the same passcode as in the Application key field in Remote Desktop Manager.