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Store Credentials



Devolutions Web Login credentials can be retrieved from three different sources: Remote Desktop Manager, Password Vault Manager, and Devolutions Password Server.

These credentials are stored in entries, which can be one of three following types:


Web Browser (HTTP/HTTPS) sessions

Login (Account) information entries

Login (Web) information entries


Manually create entries



This example show how to store credentials for Devolutions Web Login with a Login (Web) information entry created in Remote Desktop Manager.


1.In Remote Desktop Manager, using any data source, create an information entry of type Login (Web).


Create an entry

Create an entry


2.Provide the following properties to the entry:


2.1. Enter a custom Name for the entry.

2.2. Set the Display mode to External.

2.3. Enter the login page URL of the desired website in the Website field.

2.4. Enter the Credentials of an account to connect to the website.

2.5. Enable web browser extension link box. This allows Devolutions Web Login extension to retrieve the entry when connecting to its respective website.


Login (Web) information entry

Login (Web) information entry


Automatically create entries


When connecting to a website using a web browser with Devolutions Web Login installed, use the Save credentials dialog to make Devolutions Web Login create a Login (Web) entry in the selected application.

This dialog prompts automatically when connecting to a website that does not have any credentials detected.


By default, the entry is saved in a folder named Devolutions Web Login, which will be created if it does not exists. This behavior can be changed from the Devolutions Web Login settings.






Applications icons

Select the application which the credential entry should be created in.


Enter a custom name for the entry.


Enter the username to store in the entry.


Enter the password to store in the entry.


Enter the folder which the entry should be created in.


Add the site or domain to the never list. Click the clip3459 to dismiss the dialog and be prompted at the next connection.


Select the repository which the credentials are saved in (Remote Desktop Manager only).

Save in My Vault

Save the credentials in the private vault of the selected application.

Save in Vault

Save the credentials in the vault of the selected application.