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Microsoft Office (Excel, OneNote, PowerPoint, Visio, Word)



These entries are used to define and configure a Microsoft Office document entry.



For architectural reasons, the documents stored in our Advanced Data sources are NOT protected from deletions. Once they are deleted, they cannot be restored. Please keep a safe copy of all documents in another storage device. Support for this feature will be added in a coming update to our products.




Document entry - Microsoft Office

Document entry - Microsoft Office





File Type

Indicate the file type entry you wish to create.



Select the mode between:

Stored in database (select a file stored in the database)

URL (open a file using a URL)

Stored in database


If you have selected the Stored in database mode, click on the ellipsis in the box under to select a file that will be stored in the database. Some data sources do not support this mode.



If you have selected the URL mode, click in the box under to enter the URL.