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Server caching for better performance, this is in addition to the optional client-side caching built in our desktop/mobile clients.



User Management

Role based security system that grants permissions based on role membership. Roles which can be direct tie-ins to Active Directory groups.



Two-Factor Authentication

Widest choice of 2-Factor authentication providers, as well as granularity at the user level over which provider is used.



IP Restrictions

Controlling access to Devolutions Password Server from IP addresses / ranges.

oGeoIP restriction

oIP whitelisting / blacklisting

Login history

Failed login attempts history



Security Aspects

Inherited permissions which can be granular down to entries (view, add, edit, delete)

Connection data encryption with passphrase or certificate.

Per machine setting/credential custom values



Syslog Integration

Centralize all your logs in a protected repository.



Active Directory Integration

Windows authentication

Role based security system bound to Active Directory Groups for automatic grant of permissions.

Automatic user account creation based on Active Directory, optionally limited to a specific AD group




Backup: scheduled backup for the SQL Database and instance data.

Notifications: used to send email notifications to specific users that include any activities on sessions, roles, users, etc.



System Policies

Control features available to users.



History of Changes

Monitor user activity for changes in users, roles, repositories, and data source settings.



Unlimited Entries

Although we do not limit the number of entries that can be stored in your instance, there comes a point where the performance is severely affected by the sheer volume of data exchanged between the client and server. This is made worse by using custom images and storing sizable notes within entries. The solution is to make use of the repositories feature.


Desktop / Mobile clients


The client applications offer the most required features to meet an IT specialist daily challenges, supporting a great number of remote access technologies, such as RDP, VNC, SSH, and more. IT professionals of our community mostly use Remote Desktop Manager.


1.Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - Windows Edition

Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - Mac Edition

Remote Desktop Manager - Android Edition

Remote Desktop Manager - iOS Edition

Remote Desktop Manager - Amazon FireOS Edition


2.Password Vault Manager

Password Vault Manager Enterprise - Windows Edition

Password Vault Manager Enterprise - Mac Edition

Password Vault Manager - Android Edition

Password Vault Manager - iOS Edition

Password Vault Manager - Amazon FireOS Edition