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Installing Devolutions Server




If you have received your serial licenses keys, please refer to the Getting Started topic.


A Devolutions Server instance is in fact a Web application. This allows for exposing its services on the Internet or on your Intranet.


The recommended topology is the use of two servers: a Database server and a Web server. For smaller installations, a single server can be used, but resources will be shared between the two roles, thereby minimizing performance.



Remote Desktop Manager Enterprise - ├ędition Windows must be installed on the web server in order to manage the Devolutions Server instance.



Please ensure before starting the installation that you have .NET 4.5.2 installed on your machine.



It's highly recommended to enable SSL Encryption to protect communication with the instance of the SQL Server. Please follow the instructions on Note that we recommend this be done after the initial setup is complete.



For full active directory integration, the application pool uses a domain identity, both servers need to be joined to the domain.


How to install the server


Web Server pre-requisites


Please refer to the appropriate topic depending on the operating system of the web server.


Web role - Install pre 2012R2

Web role - Install 2012R2



After you have installed the pre-requisites, test the IIS installation by navigating to http://localhost. Do not proceed further if you do not see the IIS welcome screen. There are issues that must be resolved.


Database server pre-requisites


Please refer to Database Instance


Create Devolutions Server Instance


Please refer to Create Devolutions Server instance