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Privileged Access Management



A license is now required to enable the Privileged Access Management module. Please contact our sales department for more information about the license.

Devolutions Privileged Access Management solution provides all the following features. It is specifically designed to meet the needs of SMBs, providing enterprise-grade features to bring a level of protection usually only afforded to large organizations while at the same time being robust, easy to deploy and affordable.

1.Ease of deployment and management

2.Secure password vault

3.Logging and reporting

4.Built-in two-factor authentication

5.Access brokering

6.User Groups access control

For an overview of the Devolutions Privileged Access Management, please watch the following video.

Privileged Access Dashboard

The Privileged Access Dashboard provides a quick overview of the available Accounts, Providers, Scan Configurations, current Checkouts, Recurrent Scans and the Recent Activities.

Privileged Access Management Dashboard

Privileged Access Management Dashboard