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The Database tab contains the information of the SQL Server, the credential information and the database name used by Devolutions Password Server.


Database tab

Database tab





Note that the User/Password or Integrated Security settings affect how the Devolutions Password Server Console communicates with the SQL database. These options do not have any impact on how users will authenticate on the Devolutions Password Server instance.





Name of the server where the database will be stored.

SQL Server / SQL Azure

Choose the database host type.


Enter the username to access the database. It is only possible to use a SQL database account in this field. A domain account will not work in this field.

Integrated security

Specify to use Windows Integrated Authentication for authenticating to the database. In order for integrated security to be used to connect to the database, you must set a domain account as the Application Pool identity in the IIS Manager.


Enter the password to access the database.

Test Server

Test the connection with the server to validate if the proper information has been provided.


Name of the database on the server for the utilization of Remote Desktop Manager.

Create Database

If the database doesn’t already exist you can create one directly from here. In order to use integrated security correctly, the database must be created with db_owner rights.

Test Database

Test the connection with the database to validate if the proper information has been provided.

Update Database

Update the database on the server, if required to use Remote Desktop Manager.

Use SQL Server encrypted connection

Use SSL to encrypt communication with the database.

Trust server certificate

Always trust the server certificate.

Caching mode

The caching mode will determine how the instance will re-load entries when changes are detected. On large data sources caching is a must and will increase performance significantly.

Failover partner

The name of the failover partner server if database mirroring is configured.  This is used only for the initial connection as the principal server will return a name which will replace the configured value when different.

Email Schema to Support

Directly sends your schema to the Devolutions Support team.

View database version

View what is your current database version.