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After Upgrading Server the Devolutions Server Console is Empty



You have attempted to upgrade your Devolutions Password Server instance and the upgrade was not completed correctly. Now, your instance is not present in the Devolutions Password Server Console and your data source is not connected.


Devolutions Server Console empty

Devolutions Server Console empty




1.Navigate to the %temp%\RDM folder and copy the content of the folder.

2.Navigate to the folder where your Devolutions Password Server was deployed originally and paste the content of %temp%\RDM inside.

3.If you close and reopen your Devolutions Password Server Console, your instance should be present.

4.You can now proceed again with the upgrade of your server.


If the files are not present or the solution doesn't work, you will need to restore the backup that you have created in the preparation phase as described in Upgrading Devolutions Password Server