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Upgrading to 4.0.7




Please contact the support team for an appointment.  We will perform the upgrade with you in a remote session.


Here is an overview of what to look for when upgrading to version 4.





To upgrade to this version, Remote Desktop Manager version must be installed on the server prior to attempting the upgrade operation.


This version introduces a dependency on the IIS Rewrite Module. Alas that is the name given in the list of features, but in the Microsoft Web platform installer, its labeled URL Rewrite 2.0.


Simply run the Web platform installer, search for Rewrite, and install URL Rewrite 2.0


Alternatively, you can download directly from and perform a manual install.


Significant changes


Administration Credentials

To work around the fact that a growing number of our users have to operate in a locked down AD structure, we have had to create a feature for you to specify administration credentials. When these are specified, they will be the account used to query the AD structure instead of the user account that we are authenticating. The administration credentials must have READ privileges in all of the domains that you are accessing.