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Edit Users - General

Edit Users - General




Authentication type

Select the user's authentication type:

Custom (Devolutions): create a user in Devolutions Password Server without creating an SQL login.

Domain : authenticate using the Active Directory user account.

Database (SQL Server): authenticate using the SQL login from your SQL Server.

User (required)

Enter the user login name.

User type

Choose the user type:

Administrator: grant full administrative rights to the user.

Read only user: grant only the view access to the user.

Restricted user: select which rights to grant to the user.

User: grant all basic rights to the user (Add, Edit, Delete).

User license type

Select the type of the license that the user has:

Default: Connection Mangement.

Connection Management: for users who open remote connections.

Password Management: for users who only use Devolutions Password Server as a password manager.


Check to activate the user.

Must change password at next logon

Check to force the user to change the password next time they log on.

First name

Enter the user's first name.

Last name

Enter the user's last name.

Email (required)

Enter the user's email address.