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The Advanced section allows the administrator to configure the Token Valid Time parameter.

Administration - Password Server Settings - Advanced

Administration - Password Server Settings - Advanced





Token Valid Time (minutes)

This the duration time of the token. At the expiration of the token, the user must again authenticate himself on the Devolutions Password Server instance. The maximal value is 1440 minutes which is 24 hours.

Inactivity time (minutes)

Enter the delay for the user to be disconnected from the server if inactive. This value must be lower than the Toke Valid Time parameter. This parameter is applied on the web interface or with the Devolutions Web Login browser companion tool. It has no effect on Remote Desktop Manager.

User license type

Select the license type. Default is Connection Management.

Launch connection with

Sets the application that opens remote connections: Remote Desktop Manager or Devolutions Launcher. Default refers to Devolutions Launcher.

Client HttpRequest cache count

For internal use. Do not modify this value unless specified for support situation.