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What is Devolutions Server?

This documentation is valid for version 4.5. Previous Versions





Devolutions Server is an on‑premise repository for storing and sharing remote connections, credentials and sensitive information.


Since it is an on‑premise solution, it becomes quite a unique offering as it offers what seems to be a consumer grade experience, in a corporate grade solution.





There are two ways of using Devolutions Server:


Web based Password Vault

Browser access & Devolutions Web Login

Password Vault and Session Management

Client application (desktop or mobile)

Add, edit, or delete entries of various types. Passwords can be viewed directly using a web browser. Credentials can be automatically submitted by our Devolutions Web Login when installed in a supported web browser.


Note that remote access technologies (RDP, VNC, etc) are not supported within a web browser.

Devolutions Server runs on an application server and it offers storage services, caching, and many advanced features to our client applications.


Full edition capabilities, including more supported entry types, make our Devolutions Server the preferred tool for IT specialists.


Unlike with browser access, Remote Desktop Manager can launch sessions using remote access technologies.





High-End  Server


Full Active Directory (AD) Integration



Installed on-premise on an application server. Store an unlimited amount of entries and manage access to these entries with our Role Based Security System.

Users accessing the system will be granted permissions based on their membership in specific AD groups, making user management almost seamless for organizations that use AD to manage teams.

Share your sessions, credentials, and sensitive data with multiple users.



Web Architecture



Web Access



Database Isolation

Implemented using a Web architecture so it can exposed publicly on the Internet or only to your Intranet or private cloud.

Paired together to ease credential management, use a web browser to manage the content of your shared data source, and our Devolutions Web Login to automatically log in to web sites.

The SQL database is protected from direct user access. This may be required in order to be compliant with a security regulation at the corporate or legal level. (HIPAA, PCI, etc.)



Two-Factor Authentication



Email Notifications



IP Restrictions

Widest choice of Two-factor authentication (2FA) providers. Many providers can be enabled concurrently. They can selectively be enforced per user.

Optionally receive email notifications for various events on sessions, users, roles, etc.

Controlling access to Devolutions Server from IP addresses / ranges, including GeoIP restriction and IP whitelisting / blacklisting